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Pro-Tect Plastic and Supply works hard to provide quality shrink wrap products. Discover our great plastic film products below.
  • Step by Step "How To" Shrink Wrap a Boat
    Step by Step "How To" Shrink Wrap a Boat
    Step by Step How to Shrink Wrap a Boat video with printable training manual.  Follow along with our shrink wrap boat instructions and helpful tips and tricks for a successful boat shrink wrap.
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  • Step by Step "How To" Training  for Containments
    Step by Step "How To" Training for Containments
    Pro-Tect’s Shrink Film Containment Training Video shows you step by step shrink wrap instructions on how to install a professional shrink wrap containment system on buildings, bridges, dams, water/storage tanks or ships.  

    Included in your How To Shrink Wrap Buildings flash drive is a full training manual in PDF format so you have a hard copy with you at all times.

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    This training video is not for shrink wrapping smaller items such as boats, RV's, equipment and other items for transport and storage.  For the smaller items, we have a boat and packaging How To that can be found here.

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  • Stick-on vents
    Stick-on vents
    These stick on vents are available individually or by the case. Browse our boat shrink wrap supplies today.
    Case size: 100
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  • Straight Zippers
    Straight Zippers
    For industrial, construction and boat shrink wrap containment, our Straight Zippers will allow you to access the inside of an enclosure / plastic wall.  
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  • Stretch Wrap - Pallet Wrap
    Stretch Wrap - Pallet Wrap

    Industrial stretch wrap is used to keep items in place on a pallet during shipment. Order a supply of clear stretch wrap from Pro-Tect today.

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  • Super 4 Greenhouse Plastic
    Super 4 Greenhouse Plastic
    •  Outstanding light transmission, haze, and clarity ratings help optimize yield in greenhouse applications.
    •  A unique manufacturing process and advanced resin technology provide Super 4 films with superior tear strength.
    •  High strength at folds reduces the likelihood of punctures and tears in critical areas.
    •  Advanced UV stabilizers maximize physical properties for the rated life of greenhouse polyethylene film and help protect film from chemical damage.
    •  Bee compatibility feature allows more of the UV spectrum to pass through the cannabis greenhouse film, making it easier for bees to navigate and achieve more efficient pollination than with mechanical means.
    • • Certain chemicals attack the polymer itself. These are usually oil-based solvents in paints and petroleum distillates used as solvents for wood preservatives. Avoid direct contact of any greenhouse polyethylene film with oil-based paint products or wood preservatives.
      • Other products, such as copper bactericide sprays, may catalyze the breakdown of polymers. Minimize direct contact with the greenhouse film when using copper sprays.
      • High concentrations of chlorine, commonly used in greenhouses as a disinfectant, will also adversely affect the polymer. Avoid the use of chlorinating solutions or household bleach products on your plastic greenhouse cover. Instead, use one of the commercially available disinfectants such as Greenshield® or Demoss®.
      • Chemicals in the greenhouse environment can also affect the HALS stabilizers. Sulfur, halogens (fluorine, bromine, chlorine, etc.) and chemicals containing them, especially pesticides, are very aggressive in deactivating the HALS stabilizers.
      • Rose growers using large amounts of sulfur and chlorinated hydrocarbons (Pentac® is one example) have learned to expect reduced film life compared to growers who have less need for regimented pest controls.
      • Using foggers and smoke generators also leads to direct contact of the pesticide with the plastic and can shorten cannabis greenhouse film life. Overspray can lead to large volumes of pesticide coming in direct contact with the plastic and should be reduced or avoided. Many pesticides not containing halogens or sulfur are available and should not be harmful to greenhouse films when used as directed.
      • Direct contact with PVC pipe, PVC tapes, or lagging made with plasticized PVC can also provide a source of damaging chlorine that can act upon the HALS stabilizer and the polymer itself.
      • Whitewashing should be done with products designed for  your plastic greenhouse cover. Other products such as latex house paints may contain fungicide additives. Some of these fungicides contain chlorine or other halogens that reduce the effectiveness of the HALS stabilizer and may shorten film life.
      • Sulfur and other chemical contaminants can come from external sources, such as aerial spraying of adjacent vineyards, orchards, or field crops. This is sometimes characterized by degradation of the outside layer of greenhouse polyethylene film while the inside layer maintains good physical integrity. It is a good idea to know what your neighbors are spraying with and to plan accordingly.
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  • Thermax Condensation Control Greenhouse Plastic
    Thermax Condensation Control Greenhouse Plastic
    •  This cannabis greenhouse plastic film features thermal properties that keep the heat in by reducing radiant heat loss. Heaters cycle less often and consume less energy to maintain a set temperature; a combination that offers potential energy savings of 15-20%.
    •  Directional condensation control ensures the additive migrates to the surface facing the crop. This not only controls drips, but maintains light transmission and enhances thermal benefit.
    •  Diffused light reaches plants from many different angles while par light transmission remains the same, optimizing light distribution in all parts of the greenhouse.
    •  Diffusion helps protect plants from sunburn. With Thermax™ greenhouse film, light is even, not intense.
    •  High strength at folds of the cannabis greenhouse plastic means higher resistance to punctures and tears.
    •  Increased tear and stiffness provide superior strength so Thermax™ greenhouse film handles years of snow and wind loads.
    •  Increased thermal greenhouse plastic film stiffness makes the film easier to install in greenhouse applications.
    •  Bee compatibility feature allows more of the UV spectrum to pass through the condensation control greenhouse film, making it easier for bees to navigate and achieve more efficient pollination than with mechanical means.
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  • VCI Film
    VCI Film
    Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor films are special packaging film developed to prevent corrosion of ferrous metal without the need for rust preventative coatings. The vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) and contact corrosion inhibitor, through vapor emittance and contact, counteract the corrosive effects of moisture, salt and pollutants.

    This VCI film comes in transparent yellow.
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  • ZeRust Vapor Capsules
    ZeRust Vapor Capsules
    ZeRust Vapor Capsules are designed to protect metallic surfaces within enclosure against airborne corrosion. By placing these self contained VCI corrosion protection capsules inside a shrink wrap enclosure the vapors readily permeate every point passivating all metallic surfaces.
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  • Zipper Hatch Door
    Zipper Hatch Door
    Zipper Hatch Doors
    These zipper access doors are the perfect solution when you need access inside of a construction or containment protected area. They are also used for gaining access to shrink wrapped boats, RV's and equipment.  Zipper Doors are easy to install using 4" Tape and/or Spray Adhesive and make it easy for you to get in and out of a wrapped area.
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